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EV SSL certificates

EV SSL certificates

EV SSL certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the most prestigious, most trusted SSL certificates. They are issued only to companies after a thorough verification of the existence and of the applicant for the certificate. In addition to the company, the certification authority also verifies the physical identity of the individual who applies for an SSL certificate. A website visitor can find out which company runs the website immediately after clicking on the lock in the browser next to the domain. The EV SSL certificate is suitable for all business and corporate websites and for all websites that require personal information from users.
The offered Extended Validation SSL certificates secure one domain or up to 250 domains simultaneously. Multi-domain EV certificates can secure the entire corporate portfolio of domains or e-shop domains. HTTPS communication will be ensured, for example, for all national domains (.eu, .com, .net, .sk, .de, ...) or projects with different names on their own domains and of course also subdomains.

Popular certificates

Popular Certificates

The EV SSL certificates that our customers order most often

CA SSL certificate Price From Validation Issuance Speed Domains Secured  
Sectigo PositiveSSL EV €89.98 Extended (EV) 5-10 days 1 domain Detail Buy Now
Sectigo PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain €159.98 Extended (EV) 5-10 days 3-250 Detail Buy Now
Sectigo Sectigo EV SSL €99.95 Extended (EV) 5-10 days 1 domain Detail Buy Now
Sectigo Sectigo EV Multi-Domain €199.95 Extended (EV) 5-10 days 3-250 Detail Buy Now
Thawte Thawte SSL WebServer EV €169.97 Extended (EV) 2-5 days 1 domain Detail Buy Now
GeoTrust GeoTrust True BusinessID EV FLEX €142.57 Extended (EV) 2-5 days 1-250 Detail Buy Now
GeoTrust GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi-Domain €263.30 Extended (EV) 2-5 days 5-250 Detail Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert EV FLEX €319.30 Extended (EV) 2-5 days 1-250 Detail Buy Now

Price from - The calculated annual price of the certificate when ordering more than one year. For more information, click on the certificate detail or order.
Issuance Speed - How long the certification authority will issue the SSL certificate (approximately).
Domains Secured - How many domains you can secure with SSL certificate. WildCard = unlimited sub-domains.
Payment - We accept payments by card, PayPal and bank transfer.

Features and Benefits of EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificates

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate (also known as EV SSL for short) is the highest form of SSL Certificate on the market. Confirmation of the website's identity is carried out according to the rigorous CAB Forum guidelines and involves a strict vetting process by a public Certificate Authority. The Certificate Authority must validate the operational and physical identity of the individual requesting an EV certificate.

EV SSL Increasing Visitor's Trust

Extended Validation SSL certificates establish a secure HTTPS connection and provide a high degree of trust for the website visitors. EV SSL certificates are more trustworthy than domain validation SSL (DV SSL) certificates.

Boost Search Rankings (SEO)

Secure HTTPS communication increases site rankings in search ranking algorithms. Google published this information on the blog as early as 2014. Although this is one of many criteria, an SSL certificate will give higher positions in search results for HTTPS secure sites over HTTP non-secure sites.

SSL Protects Integrity

SSL certificate protects against content injection by ISPs and other third parties. Without encryption, it's possible for others to alter your site and undermine its integrity. SSL certificates protect against this with strong industry-standard 256-bit symmetric encryption and 2048-bit signatures.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Customer experience is the first and foremost priority for us. The selected SSL certificate is not suitable for your needs? Do you want another one? Or do you just want to cancel the order? We offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for all our customers. Check out our Refund Policy to know more.

Compatible with All Major Browsers

Our offered certificates have the highest browser compatibility for mobile and desktop browsers that will reduce SSL warnings while accessing the website.


SSLmentor recommendation

By hiding the name of the company in the browser address bar, corporate OV SSL certificates probably become a better option in the performance/price ratio compared to EV SSL certificates.

More information about EV SSL

What you should know before you place an order.

Extended Validated SSL certificates

EV SSL Certificate brings strongest security for a website

Extended Validation (EV) certificate carries the highest validation that shows the company name in the certificate details. The CA strictly validates the business by checking all business registration documents, third party business directory for address verification and call verification. In addition to the existence of the company, the applicant (contact) for the certificate is also verbally verified. It's not uncommon for proof of identity, capacity, and place of business to be requested and verified. It takes two or more days to issue a certificate.
The criteria for issuing EV certificates are defined by the Guidelines for Extended Validation established by the CA/Browser Forum.

Domains Secured

Depends on the selected certificate

We offer certificates for securing a single domain or up to 250 different domains at the same time. It is not possible to get EV WildCard SSL certificates.

  • SSL for one domain - certificate is designed to secure a single domain. The certificate can secure both variant: and For 3rd level domains and higher, the www variant is not added automatically.
  • Multi-domain SSL - certificate can secure up to 250 different domains. Each domain can be from a different TLD (.com, .net, .eu, etc.) and any level (,

Multi-Year Certificates

We offer EV SSL certificates for up to 5 years in order to provide the lowest cost per year

As of 1 September 2020, Apple, Google and Mozilla browsers and devices do not accept new SSL/TLS certificates that have a lifetime of more than 398 days. To comply with the latest security requirements, multi-year SSL certificates are issued for 1 year (max. 398 days). You'll need to re-issue the certificate once per year. We'll send you email notifications starting 30 days before expiration. Of course, REISSUE is free of charge. Plus you can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like!

Note i: Re-issue requires revalidation.
Note ii: You can insert new CSR or use last one during reissue.
Note iii: Once the certificate is issued, you can not shorten the validity period, request a refund of the unused period or change the domain name!

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