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New order: GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

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Technical details of the certificate

€174.90 (€211.63 with VAT)

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Important information for multi-year web SSL certificates:
Security rules allow you to issue a web SSL certificate for a maximum of 398 days. For this reason, multi-year SSL certificates are issued for 1 year with subsequent free renewal. Once a certificate is issued, it is not possible to shorten the validity, request the return of an unused period, or change the domain name.
›› From 2025 the validity of certificates will likely be reduced to 3 months! We recommend ordering now for a maximum of 2 years.

Certificate applicant

Important information:
The applicant for a corporate, EV SSL, or CODE certificate is listed on the certificate. Fill in the full company name and address, this information will be verified by the certification authority.
Indicate in the authorization contact the person who is authorized to apply for a certificate on behalf of the company. This person will also be validated by the authority.

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