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How to check a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

The private key belongs to the public key, which must be certified (verified) in order to set trust in the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) system. The public key is supplied to the certification authority in the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) format, which contains the necessary information to issue the certificate. The CSR application contains the domain name, state, public key, as well as information about the organization, city, location.

For security reasons, we do not recommend generating a certificate request online. There is no guarantee that the private key will not be stored for possible misuse!

Online CSR check

There are many sites on the Internet with online application checks. For easy detection, we recommend, for example.

Easy certificate request generation in Control Panel

After ordering an SSL certificate, you can easily generate a certificate request, including the public key in the certificate detail. Generation is located in the Control Panel Detail -> Certificate information -> CSR: -> Edit. Selecting "Edit" will show Certificate CSR page, where you can insert your own request or select Generate new CSR from certificate order.

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