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Multi-year SSL certificates

Since 2020, the certificates of the certification authorities have again included SSL certificates valid for up to 5 years. It is possible to save significantly when ordering multi-year SSL certificates. Due to the set rules and security, commercial SSL certificates are issued only for one year (max. 395 days) and must be renewed before expiration. The renewal process, which is free of charge, is identical to the so-called Reissue SSL certificate, which is performed, for example, when the private key is unavailable.

Based on the requirements of the creators of Internet browsers (Apple, Google, Mozilla), as of September 1, 2020, SSL certificates are issued only with a maximum validity of 1 year (or 1 year + month). For this reason, it is necessary to renew the certificate for multi-year orders before expiration.

Multi-year SSL certificates

When ordering an SSL certificate for 2 or more years, a certificate with a validity of 1 year + month (395 days) is issued in the first phase. The validity of the order is set according to the number of ordered years. You must always renew the certificate before it expires.

Multi-year SSL certificates

How to renew an SSL certificate

Renewal of the SSL certificate is FREE during the validity of the order. 30 days before the expiration, it will be possible to perform a renewal in the SSLmentor administration in the certificate detail. E-mail notifications are sent about the need for renewal 30 and 10 days before expiration. If the customer does not renew, the SSL certificate will expire and will not be valid.

If the customer does not renew the SSL certificate, the certificate expires and the website at HTTPS will not work!

The certificate can also be renewed free of charge at any time during the validity of the order. This is a so-called Reissue SSL certificate and can be performed in the Control Panel - Order Detail. The renewed SSL certificate will be issued again for 1 year and one month, or until the end of the ordered period.

Renewal FAQ

Do I need to generate a new request (CSR)?
You don't have to, you can use the same request as at the beginning of the order and only exchange the issued certificate on the server. But always make sure that you also have the original private key!
However, from the point of view of security and "best practices", it is recommended to generate a new private key and a certificate request.

Is a complete verification of the applicant performed?
Yes, when the certificate is renewed, the existence of the domain is confirmed again and the certification authority must verify the applicant. However, certification authorities have their own procedures in which some verification of corporate validation is simplified.

Is the original SSL certificate revoked?
NO, the original SSL certificate is not revoked and expires.

What happens if I don't perform a RENEW?
If you do not renew, the SSL certificate will expire and will not be valid.

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